Purchasing goods from Russia without leaving your office.

We will deliver your chosen goods from Russian manufacturers to the address you need in Europe, America or in another country.


Custom clearance of goods in Russia and Europe.

We will complete all export formalities in Russia, using our companies international agreements, as well as clearing the goods on the recipient's side. Concluding an agreement with “Transsat Ltd.” about the importing of goods from Russia, you will legally receive this cargo from our Latvian or Estonian companies.


 Potential to update the item range every second week

Goods deliveries are regular – twice a month. With large volumes of goods, we organize additional rounds.


The delivery price is formed equally for large and small quantities of goods.

We preform consolidated cargos. Within 25 years of activity (we have been exporting from Russia since 1994), we did not experience the need to apply insurance. But the cargo is insured.


We are transporting already custom cleared goods to Europe

If necessary, we provide customs clearance of those goods as well.


Inform us about the goods you want to purchase in Russia, and we will find out all the delivery options, as well as tell you the price for our services and export and import duties on this item.


Service description, example:

We export various goods from Russia, mostly: printed materials, candles, shoes, fabrics, toys, church interior items, but we have an experience in transporting machine tools, plastic windows, tractors, and gym equipment  as well.

Our standard service is transportation of goods from Russian warehouses to Riga, including all customs clearance related processes. Delivery cost of various types of goods is formed in various  ways - this may depend on the weight, its volume, or cost of the goods.


Example: You wish to import 50 books from Russia. “Transsat Ltd” will purchase these books from the publisher. Within 2-3 weeks, we will deliver these books to you. Legally, you will receive them from our Latvian company.

The location of the goods in Russia does not matter, since we will deliver the goods from any city of Russia. We deliver goods to any country in Europe or beyond.

Importing goods from Russia

 Purchasing goods from Russia without leaving your office

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T. +371 29269175 (WatsApp, Viber)

T. +371 29269175 (WatsApp, Viber)

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