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Origin and history.

Year 1994 is considered as official start of company group “SatekSystems” operation, when Ltd. “Satek” was founded by making legal retailing of musical audio records, commenced unofficially already in Soviet times. Very soon demand was changed and company commenced to deal with import and wholesale of in Russia produced CDs instead of audio cassettes. Beginning with this time, Satek deals only with sales of legal production.
Impressive and always topical assortment of offered products, competitive prices, individual approach to every customer, regular expanding of offered range of production (in addition to compact disks and audio cassettes were offered also DVD music discs, MP3 discs and computer games) has ensured leading position for Ltd. “Satek” in the industry for a long time – more than 300 satisfied wholesale customers.

In 1998, in parallel with office in Riga was opened also branch in Daugavpils, which serviced Latgale region.

In 2007, SatekSystems commenced musical presentation for banquets and event management, accounting servicing for customers companies, temporary were offered also mobile communications.

In 2007, to SatekSystems group joined Russian company, which performed export of multimedia products directly from Russia, because manufacturers considered export of their production to Europe as too much complicated– European customs demanded preparation of very accurate and detailed accompanying documentation for this production as for subject of copyrights and of related rights.

In 2008, company formed close cooperation with European representation of Russian company 1C. Bulky and regular export of 1C production to Europe originally ensured frequency of freight deliveries.

Current business activities:

Year 2009 was important milestone in choice of SatekSystems activity - SatekSystems commenced to offer for European entrepreneurs a service, unprecedented in Latvian market: delivery of Russian products through use of SatekSystems international contracts, in such a way ensuring all related services (customs formalities, transportation) without customer’s participation.

In 2010, one more Latvian company, which undertook to provide accounting services, joined to SatekSystems group.

In 2011, SatekSystems established partnership relations with a company in Estonia, what allowed avoiding of price increase. (Estonian tax policy and conditions for entrepreneurs, created by state administration, are much more acceptable than in Latvia).
Today these Russian, Latvian and Estonian companies form the core of SatekSystems group.


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