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  Import of Russian goods

Service characterisation


Short characterisation of services:

Delivery of Russian goods to EU companies through use of international contracts of our company.
Company in Europe, by ordering goods from Russia, legally receives them from our Latvian or Estonian company.

Customer’s benefits:

Opportunity to purchase products from any city in Russia, without visiting Russia himself or herself.
Opportunity to purchase goods at the same price in both large and small quantities (we are forming combined cargoes).
You do not have to care on clearance of goods in Russia and of clearance of goods in Europe.
You do not have to care on transportation and insurance.

Description with example:

We are carrying from Russia the widest range of goods, manufactured there. Mostly, compact discs and books, but we had carried also tractors or church interior items. Our standard services include transportation of goods from Russian storehouse up to Riga, as well as all processes related with customs clearance.

Price for services for each kind of goods can be formed differently – it can be calculated as percentage from price of goods, or for amount or unit of weight. (For example, our service price for books is 10% of purchase sum, but for compact discs 10% + import duty 3.5%). Theoretically, the minimal volume of cargo is 20 kg, but it is possible to transport also smaller cargoes.

You would like to purchase 50 books from Russia. You order these books in publishing company, specifying that buyer will be our Russian company. Approximately after 2-4 weeks you will receive these books with bill of lading from out Latvian company with 10% extra charge.

In addition, location of publishing company in Russia is of no importance, because the freight can be transported from any city of Russia. Products, imported from Russia, can be sent to other European countries or further, if required.
Report on Russian products, you are interested in, and we will find out, whether they can be imported from Russia, as well as we will state the price for our services and customs duty.


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